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Reinvent Yourself, your Medical Practice and your Career:

Discover the Rewards of a Comprehensive Medical Cannabis  Program


  • Historical journey through the past of cannabis and hemp 
  • Federal and State laws applicable to medical practices, starting your business, investing and financing.                     and​
  • What is a  medical cannabis dispensary
  • Dispensary technician and their legal obligations
  • The Biochemistry of Cannabis
  • Medicinal uses of cannabis, its applications and dosifications 
  • Functions of the endocannabinoid system in the body
  • Good practices to obtain a successful cultivation of hemp and medicinal cannabis.
  • Good practices for precise harvest and cannabis pruning.
  • Principles of pharmacology its applications and methodologies
  • Influence of cannabis biochemistry on the central nervous system   
  • What you should know about cloning cannabis and hemp
  • Vegetative stage. The beginning of the life of cannabis
  • Cannabis use and abuse through lack of knowledge 
  • Administration and dosage of cannabis medications
  • Intellectual property product lawsuits, case studies, federal courts, RICO LAW
  • Medicinal cannabis as a source for a better quality of life
  • Flowering stage. The secret to obtaining exuberant harvests
  • Chemical composition of the cannabis plant
  • Good practices for cannabis processing laboratories
  • Extraction of quality oil   
  • The commercial market for cannabis derivatives 
  • Good practices for the manufacture of cannabis product
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