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Introduction to Hemp & Cannabis

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Apashe - More (Prelude) ^HOT^

The forest around us seems to resist and increase in density. A haunting melody echoes overhead, hypnotizing our consciousness into a vague haze. The track hexing our will is known to be Witch, featuring Alina Pash. The vintage stroke of a bellowing, rustic organ singularly refracts hearty notes that is the voice to our following. Alina Pash announces her spell, accompanied by hefty impact that shakes the ground under our feet. Multiple characters of the singer embody dual aliases that speak at different tonal qualities, conjuring some form of spell. An ominous chorus builds to a chant of unison by the twin voices. There is a short breath, and a wild call of animalistic quality. Her singing continues to slowing collect the energy in the atmosphere, retaining for a godlike discharge. The famous insignia of trap begins to rattle for a familiar build. A drop explodes, but unexpectedly forming a house fashion of flow, attended with trap like elements of percussive pieces. But do not be fooled, this spell takes yet a more sinister transition to a glacially moving distortion of bass movement. The chants ensue with this slow, rhythmic persuasion. A close happens suddenly, and the haunting puts to rest.

Apashe - More (Prelude)



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