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Summer Heat [v0.4]

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Summer Heat [v0.4]

Download Zip: https://www.google.com/url?q=https%3A%2F%2Ftinourl.com%2F2uhNeO&sa=D&sntz=1&usg=AOvVaw2PIaw-VFPtibR7yhkdFDPt

Seeing hot temperatures during the summer isn't out of the norm. Areas around the world can get into hotter-than-normal weather patterns, but it balances out somewhere else. That is exactly what is going on right now.

Record high temperatures across parts of northwestern Europe soared over 100 degrees, while the extreme heat also continues to scorch parts of the Central U.S. In fact, highs exceeded 100 degrees in every Oklahoma reporting station on Tuesday.

It is important to know that seeing excessive heat in some populated areas that aren't used to it becomes newsworthy due to a lack of air conditioning. But keep in mind that there are just as many areas with below normal temperatures around the globe this July.

All three reviewers agreed this was a solid, well-written study although they made several suggestions that you should give serious attention to (and also reviewer 3 attached a figure for your consideration). I have also made a few notes about the clarity of the introduction for non-specialists a comment about the figures. Lines 59-60: Can you clarify why lower temperatures thought to be 18, 16 or 14C, but cold period with temps below 11C resulted in only 26% mortality (compared to 16C causing 91% mortality).Lines 73-77: Can you clarify why selection in the southern Red Sea has caused resilient coral populations in the northern Red Sea. Map of coral distribution in larger study region would be nice.What about shallow vs. deeper water corals - how much do we know about their tolerance to cold, relative to average sea water temp rather than latitude?Intro could use some clarity of details. A bit jargony - can you look for opportunities to make it more digestible for an audience without a strong background in coral ecology and physiology?95-101: Not sure you need to explicitly state the null hypotheses separate from the motivating questions (but, if you do, look to restructure the flow of that paragraph, which is awkward).108-111 do not present the most useful metrics. minimum monthly mean temperature perhaps not as meaningful as avg. minimum temperature of coldest quarter (or similar). Should there also be a block random effect for each aquarium?Fig. 1 - label columns with species and add a legend for color meaning (more clear description is color reflects winter temperature treatments, which varied; summer treatments were the same for all)

The results are presented, interpreted and then discussed in an appropriate manner. The conclusions are well-supported by the data. However, I was surprised that in some cases, there was no effect of genotype, based on some models producing equal marginal and conditional R2 values. The corals were collected from a nursery (lines 105-106), so I am wondering if they have been established previously as genetic individuals or whether it could be possible that some of the genotypes were actually clones? It is also interesting that in some of the cases where there is a difference between the marginal and conditional R2 values, genotype effects account for as much as 30% of the variation in the data (specifically, A. eurystoma, summer heat shock, photosynthesis).

Overall, the authors are presenting a very interesting study, highlighting a little-studied issue in which corals that are high-heat adapted may or may not be cold-adapted, too. This is an important issue to consider given the projected increase in severe cold-weather events under future climate change.

To provide a global data set of average summer daytime maximum/nighttime minimum land surface temperatures (LSTs) for urban extents, as well as the LST difference between the urban area and the buffer. 041b061a72


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