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Introduction to Hemp & Cannabis

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Buy Prescript Assist

This product (prescript-assist) was recently tested by a certified U.S. lab and found to contain high levels of lead and aluminum. It is not fit for human consumption. -08-16-safer-products-of-montana-probiotics-supplement-10-ppm-lead-leonardite-lawsuit-threat-deceptive.html

buy prescript assist

This is an education site to facilitate discussions with your medical professionals. It is not medical advice for the treatment of any disease. Always consult with your medical professional before doing any changes of diet, supplements or activity. Some items cites may interfere with prescription medicines.

I started Prescript-assist pro. I have IBS and immune/fatigue problems. I took it for a week and a week later still have diarrhea.I took it with microbinate and ashwaganda and others in COCKTAIL supplements

I took prescript assist for one day. took only one cap in the morning. I had sever negative reaction to the product. stomach pain and bloating, sinus congestion, joint stiffness and pain. chills, head ache, blurred vision, nausea and sick feeling this continued for about 12 hours or so. my reason for taking the probiotic is h pylori and candida. So no really sold on prescript assist. Has anyone ever tried the probiotic Syntol. I understand it very good in killing off candida and other bad boys in the gut.

I developed a bad skin reaction, skin breakouts and puss like spots that spread around the face. I got no bloating issues etc and actually got an improved digestion. If the skin breakout is because of the reaction to killing off bacteria how long will this process last? I stopped taking prescription assist 2 weeks ago and skin is still getting worse by the day. Are the spores transient in the gut or do they colonise the last gut forever. I am worried that my skin and reaction will stay like this forever

I have normal bowel movements without a probiotic, when I go on a probiotic I tend to get foul smelling gas that lingers for months and does not go away. Bowel movements also become loose. I hesitate to go back on, however I completed a GI profile that shows low bio-diversity and somewhat of a leaky gut. Your thoughts on using the prescript-assist product for this? Thanks for your time.

Dear madam/sir,Greetings,I am kumar,male,aged about 54 years and residing in chennai,India.I am suffering from chronic giardiasis and other associated roblems such as chronic gastritis,loss of appetite,indigestion,falling of mucus from stools,dandruff on face,eczema on face,chronic malabsorption of food,gross under weight etc.Endoscopy and colonoscopy done did not reveal anything and one gastroenterologist suggest I undergo CT scan of abdomen, for which I am scared.Can the prescipt assist cure my all problems.Can I take this product without doctors prescription and for how long?I am eagerly waiting for your kind and valuable advicekumar

I tried primal defense and for me, prescript assist is way more effective. In fact , I take about 1/4-1/3 capsule a day now. I also tried d-lactate free by custom probiotics. Very high quality product. It is also my understanding that custom probiotics can mix pretty much any strains by request. I have tried at least 20 probiotics over the years and these are the strongest and best by far for me. 041b061a72


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