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[S4E13] The Season 4 Finale Last Mask Standing ((HOT))

The panelists also engaged in a competition for the Golden Ear in this season. After each masked singer performed for the first time along with an initial clue package, each panelist wrote their first impressions-based guess at the identity of the celebrity and kept in a safe until the men in black are instructed to bring it out upon a contestant's elimination. Those guesses were revealed after each celebrity was unmasked, with panelist scoring a point for each celebrity they got correct from their initial first impression, with the panelist with the most correct answers winning the Golden Ear.[7] Jenny McCarthy Wahlberg won the first Golden Ear for getting the most guesses correct.[8]

[S4E13] The Season 4 Finale Last Mask Standing

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After a finale like that, I don't know if this series had any more gas in the tank to pull off another season that would be remotely watchable. The series had already lost much of its appeal and luster over the past couple of seasons because of some questionable storylines, content, and execution.

Well, here we are. Again. It's fourth time around for the finale of "Star Trek: Discovery" on Paramount Plus (opens in new tab). After a somewhat disjointed 13-episode season, that felt like it was following an almost identical template to last season and made up of two very different halves, we have the concluding episode, entitled "Coming Home."

Back in sector 001, Earth and the Starfleet vessels assisting in the evacuation start to face the incoming debris as a result of the gravitational effects caused by the anomaly. It's not a climatic season finale space battle in the traditional sense, but more like a space fight against rocks. There's still plenty of action and explosions, sparks flying about, shaking sets and camera shots, so it's almost the same. Tilly and Admiral Vance (Oded Fehr) bravely stay behind to coordinate as much of the effort as possible and form an unlikely, but entertaining relationship. Sadly though, the dialogue is clichéd and lets this story thread down.

Now You See Me, Now You Don't is the twelfth episode of the fourth season and it marks the summer finale of Season 4 of Pretty Little Liars. This episode aired on August 27, 2013. The episode is referred to as "#WorldWarA" by ABC Family in its promos.

Another sneaky, winking attorney opponent of Lockhart/Gardner, the Patti character is known to use pregnancy and, later, her infant to win sympathy. Plimpton won an Outstanding Guest Star Emmy for this role for good reason (specifically for the Season 3 finale, in which Patti and Louis tried to take over Lockhart/Gardner). Patti! Grr.

Season 4 was the first season since Season 1 in which some of the regular cast members did not receive centric episodes (flashbacks or flashforwards of any number). The principal members of the Oceanic Six all received their own centric episodes (as well as sharing flash-forwards in the finale) during the brief 13 episode season. The remainder of the episodes were centered on the freighter crew (Daniel, Miles, Charlotte, Frank, and Naomi), and Desmond, Juliet, Michael, Ben, and Locke. Sawyer and Claire were the two main characters who did not receive centric episodes this season. Sawyer's last flashback was in "Every Man for Himself", the fourth episode of Season 3 (2006), while the last flashback of Claire was "Par Avion", the twelfth episode of Season 3.

From Friendsto Better Call Saul, there is a good variety of shows with outstanding finales that bring their stories to a resounding close. Of course, fans have been sure to head to IMDb to show their love for these endings, leading some to be among the highest-rated episodes on the platform.

The highest-rated episode of the whole show on IMDb happens to be its finale, "Das Paradies," where Claudia reveals to Adam how everything is connected and how he can destroy the knot. The episode has an outstanding score of 9.6, thanks to users praising the suspense and excitement generated by the episode and the grandiosity of its themes.

Chernobyl, an HBO original miniseries about the tragic 1986 explosion in the titular Soviet city, is generally counted among the best shows ever made. All of its episodes have outstanding ratings on IMDb, especially the finale.

Of course, like most other episodes in the show, the finale is delightfully creative and laugh-out-loud funny. It's also incredibly touching, sweet, and emotional, the perfect way to say goodbye to the iconic ensemble of characters. Because of this, fans on IMDb have given "Finale" an outstanding rating of 9.8.

The show's final season was a Hell of a rollercoaster ride, which took a very unexpected tonal shift in its last few episodes. This shift solidified itself as the best possible way to end the series in "Saul Gone," which has a score of 9.8 on IMDb and ends Saul and Kim's arc in the most fitting and poetic way possible.

The Tale of Train Magic is the Thirteenth episode of the Fourth season of Are You Afraid of the Dark?, as well as the Fifty-Second episode in total. Also, this episode was the Season Four finale.

But it wasn't solely a familiarity with the material that allowed the four actors to make quick work of the scene. There was a renewed sense of enthusiasm driving them toward the Season 6 midseason finale ever since executive producer Marlene King revealed that episode will bring the complex, muddled, and drawn-out "A" storyline to a close once and for all.

"Midway through Season 5, I sensed a wave of frustration that I hadn't sensed since midway through Season 2 when we knew it was time to give up Mona," King told BuzzFeed News. "The fans were very vocal that they were getting too frustrated," which prompted King to move the final "A" reveal from the series finale to the Season 6A finale. (Each season of Pretty Little Liars is broken into two half-seasons, designated as "A" and "B.")

In addition to that "aha" moment, King said she's expecting some tears when Charles' seemingly evil actions are contextualized in the finale, an emotional climax to a storyline that's been in motion for years. "It's the second-to-last scene in the season finale and the tears started pouring down," King said as she recalled the process of writing that episode. "And it's the 'why' that I like. The 'who' is cool and the 'who' is great, but the 'why' is the question I think is the most interesting and compelling. It just felt like such a completion in some ways. Of course we will regroup and there's plenty more story to tell, but it's a very satisfying to end this 'A' storyline."

Plot Synopsis: Several residents of Wisteria Lane are faced with deadly threats when Katherine's ex-husband wants to see his daughter again. Susan realizes she will soon lose her daughter when she goes off to college early, and Katherine Mayfair's secrets are finally revealed. In the closing moments of the season finale, the show flashed ahead five years, which brought many surprising changes in the lives of the Housewives.

Has this Ezra/book twist always been in the works, or was this created because of the intensely negative fan reaction last summer when you broke Ezra fans' hearts?Once we got picked up for a second season, we really came back with a lot of outrageous Blue Sky ideas, as we call it, and this has been floating up there since then. We had many different things up there, including the notion of Ezra being A, but it was the question of how to pace it out and how to make it feel organic. So, I would say it was in the ether, and it was already out there, but it wasn't always fully defined.

First of all, THANK you soo much for theses qoutes I absolutley love Criminal Minds and their qoutes. But I was wondering does Season 3 Episode 1 have any qoutes and also the very last episodes on season 7? Just asking. Thanks again for the qoutes! (-:

DYNASTY is back, which means the knives are out and so is the Carrington family backstabbing. After somehow surviving her bachelorette party in the third season finale, Fallon (Elizabeth Gillies) just wants to get married to Liam (Adam Huber) and have a nice, calm life. Those aren't two words usually associated with Carringtons, and they won't be this season either as the happy couple faces their biggest challenges yet. Danger and temptation are as abundant as champagne and diamonds! Speaking of holy matrimony, Blake (Grant Show) and Cristal's (Daniella Alonso) relationship hit some blasphemous turbulence last season as they each strayed, and this season they'll work even harder to make a marriage last. Unfortunately, the universe has other plans - as do multiple enemies - which throws their fate up in the air. Meanwhile, after playing double agent with his parents, Adam (Sam Underwood) realizes he needs to do whatever it takes to make a name for himself outside of his massive family shadow. As he ruthlessly climbs the ladder of success, things with girlfriend Kirby (Maddison Brown) get messy. In secret, where betrayal runs deep in the Carrington world, an unlikely partnership between Alexis (Elaine Hendrix) and her sister-in-law turned mother-in-law Dominique (Michael Michele) is formed as they set out to take back what they feel is rightfully theirs, even it means deceiving their husband-slash-son Jeff. At the same time, Sammy Jo (Rafael de la Fuente) looks to expand his hotel and his heart, with help from Culhane (Rob Riley). Bonds will be forged and broken and friendships will be tested when they head down a darker path than expected. The road ahead is filled with betrayal, extravagance and deception for our favorite billionaire family, and that's on the good days. After all, as we've learned, there's always someone lurking around the corner ready to destroy a Dynasty.

Writing for Digital Spy, Emma Dibdin called the midseason finale, "a deranged, heartfelt contender for the best episode yet." Hannibal is finally taken into custody though it is his own doing as he turns himself in, which does not allow Will any closure. Mason also sees the fitting and gruesome end that fans waited for all season. 041b061a72


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