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Drift Hunters: The Ultimate 3D Drifting Experience

Drift is an expert in blade combat, eschewing blasters for the up-close approach, leaving his Mini-Cons to handle outside distractions while he focuses on his target. Turns out he needs the backup, as he's quite unpopular with other bounty hunters... particularly Fracture, who's itching to turn Drift into so many metal shavings. He can also form the sword of Ultra Bee.

Drift was once a homeless bot, forced to steal Energon. He came to Megatron's attention and joined the Decepticon army as Deadlock, however when he was nearly destroyed during a battle, he was found and repaired by the Circle of Light. They taught him the ways of the Samurai until the war eventually reached them. Deadlock eventually joined up with a group of bounty hunters known as the Ronin. When they tracked a target to a moon of Athena and Foxtrot's solution was to destroy the moon, Deadlock rebelled against the plan. He destroyed the ship and fled. Drift's Samurai Showdown

drıft hunters

Denis Ivanov, one of our developers here at FCP Euro, had his Dapper Drift Mercedes E55 AMG featured on Speedhunters. Reading the story and looking at the stunning photos from Naveed Yousufzai validates the unique approach Denis has taken with this build from the start, and we're super proud to have our name (and his) featured on such a legendary site.

If you look around our office during lunchtime, you'll see a variety of websites our employees check out to occupy their time. Speedhunters is one of them, and there's a good reason for it.

Speedhunters regularly features the most unique builds from across the globe with the stories to go along with them. From our standpoint, seeing one of our cars in a publication is always cool, but seeing one of our cars in one of the best online automotive publications in the world takes our pride to a whole other level.

That's why we're so appreciative of this Speedhunters article; it's one of the first times we've seen the Dapper Drift Mercedes E55 AMG from a perspective outside of our own. Naveed Yousufzai did an incredible job conveying why Denis' build is so special and unique.

Rather than explain the article here, you should go check it out for yourself and let us know what you think about it in the comments below. We may even have our own Speedhunters-style features on the blog here in the near future.


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