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Introduction to Hemp & Cannabis

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Download File RPG Fantasy Pack 1.7.unitypackage

This pack contains over 420 unique assets to easily build your own fantasy village. Create your own village for your RPG, Top-Down or 1st/3rd person game and tell a unique story with a vast variety of assets. Thanks to the modular buildings, you can create housings and build defenses for your village with walls, gates and spikes.

Download File RPG Fantasy Pack 1.7.unitypackage

Unity script files can be opened and examined in any text editor or IDE, including Visual Studio and Notepad++, but Unity provides the free and open source editor, MonoDevelop. This software is part of the main Unity package included in the installation and doesn't need to be downloaded separately. By double-clicking on the script file from the Project panel, Unity will automatically open the file inside MonoDevelop. If you later decide to, or need to, rename the script file, you also need to rename the C# class inside the file to match the filename exactly, as shown in the following screenshot. Failure to do so will result in invalid code and compilation errors or problems when attaching the script file to your objects.

You can download the example code files from your account at for all the Packt Publishing books you have purchased. If you purchased this book elsewhere, you can visit and register to have the files e-mailed directly to you. 041b061a72


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