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Introduction to Hemp & Cannabis

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Estumar is a prestigious maritime training center providing high quality courses designed to train professionals in the maritime industry. Our training programs combine advanced knowledge, modern techniques and practical experience to provide students with the comprehensive knowledge and skills needed for a dynamic positioning of offshore vessels.

Estumar's mariner courses cover a wide range of topics, from navigation and maritime safety to ship maintenance and modern technology in the maritime industry. Our highly qualified instructors, who are experienced seafarers themselves, ensure that the training is of the highest standard, keeping the knowledge gained practical and applicable.

We are committed to continuous development and innovation to ensure that our graduates are prepared for the challenges of today's maritime industry. Estumar courses not only provide the necessary theoretical knowledge, but also prepare students for the real-life situations they may encounter in the course of their work.

If you aspire to a successful and promising career at sea, Estumar's maritime courses are a reliable partner on your path. We are ready to provide you with the knowledge and skills that will allow you to proudly wear the title of maritime professional.


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