Call Lt. Gov. Patrick right now to keep medical cannabis alive in the Senate! 512-463-0001

May 18, 2021

Legislation to expand our medical cannabis program is currently in the Texas Senate and can only be moved forward by Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick. We are nearing the end of the legislative session.

HB 1535 would make important improvements to the Texas Compassionate Use Program. This bill, aimed to help Texas patients, passed out of the House with a bipartisan super-majority and is sponsored in the Senate by Chairman Schwertner (R), Chairman Bettencourt (R), Chairman Perry (R), and Vice-Chair Lucio, Jr. (D).

However, Lt. Gov. Patrick has still not referred it to a committee. Despite strong support for this legislation Lt. Gov. Patrick seems to think there is not adequate support.

Call Lt. Gov. Patrick right now to keep medical cannabis alive in the Senate! 512-463-0001

“I am (name) calling about HB 1535. This is a critical bill for Texas Patients. With only a few weeks left in this legislative session, I implore you to refer this legislation quickly so we can ensure its passage.”

Be courteous, but please let them know it’s important!

Don’t have time to call? Email the Lt. Gov. and Texas Senate to quickly advance medical cannabis expansion!

Cannabis Concentrate Penalty Reduction Bill Advances!

Yesterday, HB 2593 passed out of the Senate State Affairs Committee 5-2. HB 2593 will reduce penalties for 2 ounces of THC concentrates from a felony to a Class B Misdemeanor. The next step is for the bill to be sent to Calendars where it will be scheduled for Senate floor debate and vote.

Ask your legislator to support this important legislation!

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