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Cannabis Bills up for Vote in Texas

House Bill 2593 (scheduled for a vote TODAY!) would reduce penalties for cannabis concentrates. This proposal is incredibly important considering the outrageous felony charges currently assigned to even small amounts of cannabis oils, waxes, and infused edible products. Tomorrow, our representatives will consider HB 1535, a bill that aims to expand our state's Compassionate Use Program. We support this legislation, but wish it went further. Click here to learn more about the bill, read our recommendations to improve the legislation, and contact your representative! The House will convene at 10am today (and tomorrow), but there's no way to know exactly when the cannabis bills will be considered. Watch the livestream here at 10am. Follow this Facebook event for live updates and notifications.

Several other bills are making their way through the process and may be coming up for a vote soon. Stay tuned!

We have 33 days left in the legislative session. Let's make them count!

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