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CBD retailer gets hemp shipment back from NYPD

The owner of a CBD store in Brooklyn, New York, has claimed a shipment of hemp that was seized by the New York Police Department last month when officers confused it with marijuana.

Oren Levy, who owns Green Angel CBD, said his brother Ronen picked up the 106 pounds of hemp from the NYPD on Monday. “They actually sealed it normally. I was surprised,” Levy said. Levy told the New York Post that the shipment from Fox Holler Farms in Vermont contained hemp with 0.14% THC, well below the 0.3% federal limit.

Ronen Levy was arrested on marijuana charges in November when he tried to pick up the shipment from the NYPD. Fox Holler Farms, a hemp farm based in New Haven, Vermont, said every box of its product contained clear documentation and test results showing undetectable levels of THC, the Burlington Free Press reported.

So, under the 2018 Farm Bill, it was legal for Fox Holler to transport the hemp to Green Angel CBD in New York as well as any other state in the country.

The New York Police Department (NYPD) said the buyer had no bill of lading to justify the delivery. Fox Holler Farms shipped the product through FedEx, saying it had used the company many times before without incident, even delivering to the same customer in New York. In its first Facebook post about the incident, Fox Holler Farms wrote:

“We’ve been working all summer to grow a CBD-compliant hemp crop. We succeeded too; our crop was ‘nondetectable’ on delta-9 THC – compliant in Vermont, New York and federally.

“We paid for well-known, CBD-compliant genetics, did all we could to test the product through the growing season and once harvested.” The NYPD, meanwhile, posted a photo on Facebook and Twitter of the arresting officers posing with the product. The department congratulated the officers for their “relentless effort” to keep 106 pounds of marijuana off ciity streets. The criminal charges against Levy were dropped in mid-December. More details about the returned shipment are available here.

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