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Congratulations to Our Alumni!

Dr. Leavery Davidson, July 8, 2021

The first class of the Houston * Sugarland Academy of Cannabis Science was August 25, 2018. It has been an amazing few years with some talented individuals seeking to build thriving businesses in the Cannabis Industry. There have been cannabis growers, business owners, entrepreneurs, pharmacists, and lawyers who have taken our courses. Our next course begins July 17th. Register at www.houstonacademyofcannabisscience.com

We would like to highlight three of those individuals because they have high-quality products available in Houston, Texas and several other states. Please help me give kudos to Daniel of 93 Wellness & 93 Fitness, Angie of Budegas CBD, and Jocelyn of Hemp Ice Factory. All products are available online at www.nu-wellnesstoday.com or by calling us at 832-777-3672.

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