Grandma gets high: Why seniors are consuming cannabis

Emma Stone April 27, 2020

Barbara Krause makes a purchase at Vela Cannabis in Seattle, Washington. Krause was part of a group from Sound Vista Village, an assisted living facility in Gig Harbor, that visited Vela Cannabis. (Photo by David Ryder/Leafly)

If you’re used to finding home-baked cookies in grandma’s pantry, don’t be surprised if these days, you find other goodies too. Seniors have established themselves as some of the most enthusiastic cannabis consumers in the US, although their presence in the world of weed sometimes flies under the radar.

Why has cannabis gained such a strong foothold among older adults? What are senior cannabis aficionados hoping to gain from weed, and how do they fit into contemporary cannabis culture?

While commonalities still unite cannabis consumers regardless of age, emerging research is providing fresh insight into cannabis use among those in their sixties, seventies, and older.

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