Selecting clean functional ingredients for CBD beverages

This article is brought to you by Kill Cliff, making all-natural CBD beverages for athletes and fitness enthusiasts.

When evolution is the name of the game, brands creating innovative products have to make sure they are jam-packed with differentiators that prompt consumers to select something new. Kill Cliff CBD beverages are the result of the company’s efforts to provide customers with something new, while achieving an effect that feels good to even the cleanest eaters or biggest gym buffs.

With consumers buying out their products in the southeast US, Kill Cliff wants to spread the word about their commitment to creating quality products for consumers in all 50 states.

“The vast majority of the CBD beverages on the market today do nothing more than deliver CBD to consumers in a simple format like water, tea, coffee, and cola. By contrast, we’ve drawn from a decade of experience to create a product that helps the body perform and recover,” says COO and Navy SEAL veteran, John Timar. “We were a beverage company first and are now extending our portfolio with drinks that include CBD. That’s the exact opposite of most beverage companies in the CBD industry.”

There’s no chicken or the egg dilemma here. These drinks were Kill Cliff’s destiny.

To develop a full line of beverages and convince the masses what they could do, Kill Cliff had to identify their must-have ingredients for performance and flavor. First, hemp-derived cannabidiol.

“Putting hemp in a product such as ours adds a layer of complexity that we take head-on. Kill Cliff CBD utilizes CO2 extraction, which is widely recognized as a clean and highly effective method for hemp extraction while offering longer-term survivability of the hemp emulsion put into our Kill Cliff CBD product,” says VP of Ops & Innovation and former collegiate athlete, Jerry Barker.

Once the CBD is taken care of, they focused on the rest of the drink, which still needs to taste good and appeal to a health-conscious audience. Kill Cliff aspires to create natural drinks that taste as good as popular soft drink flavors, while utilizing all-natural ingredients.

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