She Started Her Cannabis Business With $1500 And A Dream

Now Mary Jane's Medicinals can be found in hundreds of dispensaries across Colorado, Oklahoma, and New Mexico. This is how Dahlia Mertens did it

What were you doing before you got into the cannabis industry?

Dahlia: I have always been drawn to natural and holistic healing and thought massage could be a way to pursue that interest. During my time working in spas, I was introduced to many lines of body products and always gravitated to the natural ones that were herbally based. Inspired by a few of my favorite brands, I began to wonder if I could create a line of my own. When I got into massage, I did not think it would be my long term career, but I felt that it might lead me somewhere.  That it did, and six years into my career as a massage therapist, I began experimenting with cannabis-infused massage oils.  A year later, I transitioned my focus completely onto my new business Mary Jane’s Medicinals and I have not looked back.

What led you to decide to start a product company of your own?

After practicing massage for six years, I began to feel the effects on my body. I really enjoyed helping people feel better, but I was tired and weary of spending my days in a dimly lit windowless room. In the fall of 2009, I was invited to help trim the cannabis harvest at my friend’s farm in northern California. It was off-season in Telluride, so there was not much work and I wanted to earn a little extra income. The California cannabis scene also intrigued me, and I wanted to check it out.

I lived in a tent for six weeks with my basset hound Rosie and trimmed weed around the clock. It proved to be a challenging time with helicopters buzzing our camp at 4 am and a lot of uncertainty on whether what we were doing was actually legal- the laws in California were very grey at the time.  I did not know if one of those helicopters was going to land and haul us off to prison.  But I was committed to staying, and I am glad I did because that is where I was introduced to the concept of cannabis-infused massage oil.  

My friend had infused some grapeseed oil with cannabis and offered to give me a neck massage. I had not heard of cannabis being used topically before and did not think it would have any effect. But my neck was killing me from the long hours trimming, so I accepted her offer.  To my surprise, I felt the muscles in my neck relax shortly after application, and the pain melt away. The cannabis industry was brand new in Colorado at the time and this got me thinking. Maybe I could create my own cannabis-infused massage oil and incorporate it into my practice back home.  I came up with the name Mary Jane’s Medicinals in the backwoods of Trinity County. When I got back to Colorado, I put that money I earned trimming into oils and a crockpot and that was the beginning of Mary Jane’s Medicinals.

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