Super Tuesday results: What they mean for cannabis

Bruce Barcott - March 3, 2020

With a clean sweep of the American South, former Vice President Joe Biden cruised into the lead for the Democratic presidential nomination on Tuesday night, eclipsing the former frontrunner, Sen. Bernie Sanders, in the total delegate tally.

Joe Biden cruised into the lead with a Super Tuesday sweep of the American South.

Biden shot ahead with victories in Alabama, Arkansas, North Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, Oklahoma, and Texas. He also claimed wins in Massachusetts and Minnesota.

Sanders, meanwhile, won the Democratic primaries in California, Colorado, Utah, and Vermont. Maine remains too close to call.

As of Wednesday morning, Biden led Sanders in the total delegate count, 404 to 340. (A candidate will need 1,991 of the 3,979 total pledged delegates to win the nomination.)

Seems pretty clear which one backs legalization

There are no guarantees in life or politics. But one candidate has explicitly promised to legalize. The other has issued a tepid statement on an issue he doesn’t care to discuss.

We’ve heard two main arguments in each candidate’s favor. Because of his explicit “day one” promise, Sanders would certainly kick-start the process of federal legalization. Those who back Biden argue that the former Delaware senator has the backroom bargaining skills—unlike Sanders—to hammer out a deal with Congressional Republicans to at least pass a half-measure like the STATES Act.

Arguments against? Sanders’ critics say the maverick Vermonter doesn’t have the power or finesse to actually move a legalization measure through Congress. Biden’s critics believe he’ll simply ignore the issue for his entire term—if not actually take steps to curb the expansion of state legalization.

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