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Temporary Injunction on Delta8 in Texas!

WE WON!!! Delta-8 Texas Injunction Granted - YouTube

There's exciting news out of Austin this morning. It's being reported that a judge has issued a temporary injunction against Texas' ban on delta-8 and similar isomers.

Hometown Hero, the company which filed the lawsuit, reported Monday morning that they have received a temporary injunction from the judge. This means that Texas cannot enforce its ban on possession and sale of Delta-8, for now.

It's anticipated DSHS will appeal this ruling. It's not clear when the next hearing will be set, but the next step would be a hearing on a permanent injunction.

This is a major early victory. Before today, if you were caught possessing or selling delta-8, you could be charged with felony possession. This temporary injunction halts that

enforcement mechanism, which has been our concern from the beginning.

You can read a play-by-play of Friday's hearing from Texas Cannabis Collective here.

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