Texas Marijuana Policy Conference 2018! Like Minds, Like Change.

There are several steps that still need to be taken in order For Texas to be on the successful roadmap to legalization. A person's criminal record can allow opportunities such as education, employment and even government assistance to be jeopardized. Replacing jail time with community service or perhaps just a fine is one way we can reduce penalties for low level possession. Not to mention making unnecessary arrest is diverting from extreme criminal activity. Furthermore creating a safe and legal market by 2019 that allows adults who choose to partake or consume to responsibly purchase cannabis will replace prohibition with regulation as well as show a substantial change in the black market.

On June 1, 2015 the Compassionate Use Act that represents the Texas Legislature acknowledgement that cannabis is a medicine was signed into law. This bill established a secure regulated legal market for medical cannabis cultivation, processing, extraction and dispensing. With the intentions to bring low THC cannabis access to epilepsy patients, it definitely has room for more improvement and opportunities that includes qualifying conditions such as cancer and chronic pain as well as protecting doctors. Let's not forget our brave soldiers and veterans with PTSD. It's amazing that this list of illnesses is endless. Fortunately, the Texas Marijuana Policy Conference that was held in our elite Capitol of Austin, Aug, 10-12, 2018 has brought so many of us together to make legalization a main goal in our great state of Texas! Remember to get registered to vote so that you can join us in making Cannabis accessible for ALL!

A special thanks..

Guests panel •Heather Fazio Texans for responsible marijuana policy •State Rep. Jason Isaac Legislative leader from Dripping Springs, Texas • Debbie Tolaney Participating care giver • Chase Bearden Director of advocacy coalition of Texans with disabilities

Patient and caregiver testimonials

• Glenn P. Mayes ll

• Debbie Branch

• April Martinez

• Maggie Raines

• Piper Lindeen

• Mark Zartler

•Terri Carriker

Keynote speaker

• Congressman Dana Rohrabacher

Below are images of the Legislative Timeline 2018-2019 and How Texas Laws are made!

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Devae' Davidson

Director of Sales and Customer Relations

Houston Academy of Cannabis Science

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