Ugly: HB 3948 - Hemp: Lawmakers Seek to Ban Delta-8 Products

With 12 days left in the legislative session, we're getting down to the wire!

There are a number of cannabis bills in play in the Senate after having passed out of the House. Here's the good, the bad, and the ugly...

Good: HB 2593 - Approved and Recommended by the State Affairs Committee! Next Step: The bill will soon be scheduled for a vote in the Texas Senate. --> Action: Ask your senator to vote YES on HB 2593!

Bad: HB 1535 - Medical Cannabis: Stalled by Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick! Next Step: Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick is responsible for referring bills to committee and he is using this procedural authority to delay and obstruct the progress of HB 1535. --> Action: Ask Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick and your senator to advance this important legislation without delay.

Next Step: The bill will have a hearing today. Anticipated amendments could ban D8 products in Texas. Business owners

--> Action:Testify or Submit Written Testimony | Watch Livestream (9am)| Learn More

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