We Celebrate our Students Success

Several students of the Houston Academy of Cannabis Science have gone on to be very active in the cannabis industry. From pod casts to specialized flower and essential oils. Our students are creative and provide a unique set of skills and opportunities. 


A career in the medicinal cannabis industry has become increasingly competitive. By obtaining your professional certification, you are able to set yourself apart from the pack. Houston Academy of Cannabis Science is here to help you gain a competitive advantage in this quickly evolving industry.


A certification from Houston Academy of Cannabis Science is recognized by cannabis employers in states of legalization, as the premier cannabis certification.


Certification has never been more important, as cannabis laws are being reformed across the United States more businesses are looking to hire employees with proven medicinal cannabis knowledge. Our certification is the best way for you to prove to them that you have extensive knowledge on the subject.


Houston Academy of Cannabis Science has over 12 years of experience in educational systems focused on medicinal cannabis. The development of a rigorous curriculum, coupled with an evidence based learning experience, allow students the ability to master all desired aspects of the medicinal cannabis industry. We have extensive knowledge on best practices and experience with the most innovative practices in the industry. We have helped countless students begin their career in the medicinal cannabis industry and we are looking forward to helping you!

Unlike other institutions, Houston Academy of Cannabis Science courses are in-person and allow our students and professors to develop a meaningful relationship. There will always be an open line of communication, which affords every student the space to ask any questions and receive a relevant response. Our instructors are experienced and extremely qualified to teach an the various aspects of the medicinal cannabis industry. Our responsibility is to ensure that every student leaves with a complete understanding of the desired subject matter.


A great benefit of having our courses conducted in person, is that it facilitates networking. Our courses are for people of all ages, backgrounds, experiences, and career desires. Growers, bud-tenders, dispensary owners, doctors, lawyers, etc. will all be in the same area.


This is the perfect opportunity to form relationships that may benefit both parties in the future. As this industry continues to evolve, the need for knowledge sharing is imperative. Houston Academy of Cannabis Science is committed to creating space for cross collaboration and future business partnerships to blossom.


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